Modeling Dagbani day names on Wikidata

Ghanaian names are poorly represented on Wikidata, including Dagbani names that are almost absent on the project. Dagbani is one of the major languages in Ghana. I'm going to spend the next hour thinking about how to model day-names in Wikidata. By day-names, I mean human beings named after the seven days of the week, … Continue reading Modeling Dagbani day names on Wikidata

My Wikimania 2019 application convinced the jury

My tandem application with User:Vogone for Wikimania 2019 convinced the jury. We have been awarded a scholarship by Wikimedia Germany (WMDE) to attend Wikimania 2019 at Stockholm University from August 14-18.

The WMDE scholarship program is pursuing two goals this year:
* Promoting international exchange between the German and the international community
* Strengthening the movement idea within the German-speaking community

Renaissance of Dagbon Music and Dance

About a decade ago it wasn't common to hear traditional entertainment displays at wedding ceremonies. That has changed considerable, at least in Dagbani speaking communities in the major cities and towns of Ghana. Many young people now seem to want to have Takai, Simpa, Baamaaya, Naɣ’bieɣu and Gonje at their events. One thing is for sure, this revived show of interest in local products and services will leave plenty of benefits for the economy.

How I wrote 110 female biographies on Wikipedia in 3 weeks

Wikipedia has many problems. One of them is the well-known gender gap problem; where female biographies account for less than 18% of all biographies. Another equally pressing issue is the scanty number of Wikipedia articles about Africa, even more urgent is the number of Africa-related feminist articles, including women biographies
As a participant in the Women in Red World Contest, I became a part of the solution to the three problems above by writing 110 biographies about African women in a record time of 3 weeks. Considering the success and high impact of the contest however, it appears to have received little attention and funding from its sponsors.